de speeltafel van het orgel in MiddelburgLast updated on: 26-01-2002

Goal of the NOF: the preservation of Cinema (=theater) organs in the Netherlands

Cinema-organs, could be heard on radio in the fifties as famous organ players were regularly broadcasted in those years. A lot of people didn't go to cinemas an theatres anymore when television was introduced. Therefore many cinemas had to close their doors or were split into smaller rooms, so that most of the organs had to be taken out and disappeared. Only a few instruments remained, but were neglected.view in the organ chamber in Voorburg

The Nederlandse Orgel Federatie (NOF) was founded in 1970 to save the remaining organs in the Netherlands from destruction and some cinema organs are now under the protection of the NOF.Voorburg

The technical teams do a great job in the necessary repair, rebuilding and the maintenance of these pipe-organs. The NOF now possesses a few instruments of its own, including the VARA studio organ made famous by Cor Steyn: This organ was built in in the restaurant of the CBS in Voorburg. 

Highlight for the NOF in 2001 was the inauguration of the largest theateConsole of the ASTA-organ in Steenwijkr organ on the European continent in 'de Meenthe' in Steenwijk. This organ, built around 1930 for the ASTA-cinema in Den Haag has as much as 29 ranks (rows with pipes) and 4 manuals and is owned by the NOF. Thanks to Bert van Rossum and the technical team from Steenwijk, who worked for seven(!) years on this organ, is sounds fantastic again! 

Concerts on various organs in the Netherlands are organized during the concert season from September till May. Organists from various countries are invited to play these glorious instruments.

If you like to help us keeping this good work: join the NOF as a member, it only costs 20,- a year (minimum). Each member will receive 'NOFiteiten', the club magazine with concert data and interesting items about organs and its players regularly. Members also pay reduced prices at NOF-concerts and are allowed to bring a guest, who pays the same entrance price as the member.

Source & Pictures:  NOF.
Nederlandse Orgel Federatie